10 Mind-Blowing Watches You’ll Want Right Now


Watches. They might seem redundant now that everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, but that just means you can make an even bigger statement with your timepiece. We’ve scoured the entire internet to bring you the most unique, intricate watches that let you wear art on your wrist.

1. GRO Design – Kaleidoscope Watch

GRO Design - Kaleidoscope Watch


This watch is a game-changer. Check out the video showcasing the way three colored sections on the watch-face turn against each other to create an animated kaleidoscope pattern. How many people can say they rock animated jewelry?

2. Oakley Unobtainium Strap Watch

Oakley Unobtainium Strap Watch

That’s got to be the manliest knob we’ve ever seen. This watch is made from “impact-forged” steel, which I assume means two steel beams hit each other and this watch comes out. It also features an “Unobtainium” strap, which isn’t just the fake mineral from Avatar. Could you punch through a wall while wearing this watch? We’d bet on it.

3. Qlocktwo W Word Watch

Qlocktwo W Word Watch

If reading analog time is hard, and you’re into word searches, this watch is perfect. Worry about one less thing in your day by having the time spelled out for you, or even push the button on the side to have it read to you. All wrapped in a package much more elegant than the NYT crossword.

4. Zanis & Co. Nuvati (Spacerocks & Diamonds Inside!)

Zanis & Co. Nuvati (Spacerocks & Diamonds Inside!)

Fragments from the Moon, Mars, and 70 floating diamonds. That is what’s inside the face of this extraordinary watch. Working with a honest-to-goodness professional meteorite hunter, Zanis hunts down legitimate other-worldly fragments. They then give every owner the story of where these gems were found. How many watches come with a story before you even put it on?

5. Knights of the Round Table Watch

Knights of the Round Table Watch

Pretty much a mini Game of Thrones on your wrist. Although this watch is based on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, so there’s probably less backstabbing and nudity. Just try not to be a dick when someone asks you the time and say “it’s a quarter past Lancelot.”

6. Nixon Wooden Murf Watch

Nixon Wooden Murf Watch

Straight out of the 70’s, this vintage watch stands out by telling time like you’re reading it off of a vinyl record player. Could you modify this watch so you could have a tiny DJ deck on your wrist? I bet yes!

7. Kei Kei Firefly Watch

Kei Kei Firefly Watch

Inspired by fireflies (no jokes), this smart watch made up of a grid of LEDs can do much more than keep time. Depending on what pattern the dots make, the wearer can see if they’re getting a call, visualize mp3’s, or even get weather information. It won’t have Apple Watch levels of functionality, but having little fireflies warn you it’s going to rain is still pretty damn cool.

8. Vingt Mille Squid Attack

Vingt Mille Squid Attack

Some days you need a baller watch to make a statement, and sometimes you just want to tell time by where a squid is holding two people. Understandable. This watch was designed as an ode to Captain Nemo (nope) and features an “N’ inscribed in the winding wheel. Nicks and Nates of the world, your watch search stops here.

9. Moon Ivader Watch

Moon Ivader Watch

A watch designed “for zero gravity” exploring made with criss-crossed anchor straps is perfect for when you find yourself in some kind of futuristic laser shootout. Or for when you’re checking to see how much time it’s going to be till your pizza is ready. Either way, you’re set for the whole day.

10. Minimalist Analog Watch

Minimalist Analog Watch

Forget everything else and just go for minimalism. Then again, minimalism is a little boring, so we better add two miniature lightsabers telling the time for you. Or keep it completely transparent during the day. That’s how you do minimalism right.