15 00s Anthems That Every Teenager Had On Their Playlists


It doesn’t matter what year you were born in – the decade in which you were a teenager automatically becomes the time with ‘THE BEST MUSIC EVER’.

Of course, different generations will argue that their decade sported the best music – but it’s more about the memories that are attached to the songs that matter!


We think that the noughties was an incredible decade for RnB and dubstep anthems that made every teenager feel like a king/queen whilst blasting them through their Motorola flip phones…;

So, if you want a hit of nostalgia, check out these incredible 00s anthems that you totally forgot about. Get ready for those memories to come flooding back…;

1. Usher – Yeah (2004)

usher_01 tumblr_lbjrw5S6fl1qdubemo1_500

If this song didn’t want to make you bust a move at the under 18 club night then you were crazy…;