15 Films That Broke Up Real-Life Marriages


We all love a good on-screen romance when we watch a movie.

But sometimes behind the scenes these make believe love stories turn into real-life attraction.


These actors and actresses are well-known and loved for their talent.

Yet would you look at them in the same way if you knew all about their unfaithful ways?

Some movies have led to marriages being destroyed when the famous stars take on-screen chemistry too far.

Some directors have even been caught getting way too involved with their colleagues leading to total marriage breakdowns!

Here are 15 movies that completely wrecked relationships…;

1. Snow White And The Huntsmen

The world was stunned when Kristen Stewart cheated on her Twilight costar Robert Pattison with her Snow White And The Hunstmen director Rupert Sanders. Despite her public apology saying how much she loved Rob, the affair ended their relationship as well as Sanders’ marriage. Awkward!