18 Pinterest Fails That Prove Crafting Isn’t For Everyone

#1. These obscene concrete garden hands.

buzzfeed.com | instagram.com

We’ve heard of the green thumb, but a middle finger?

#2. This attempt at a scary-looking pumpkin that ended up being cute.

extremepumpkins.com | buzzfeed.com

“Put knives in a pumpkin and it will look like it’s been murdered…; Oh well.” — alexannwasnthere1352

#3. This glow-in-the-dark pumpkin that literally exploded from one too many coats of paint.

ghoulfriday.com | instagram.com

#4. This condom-shaped hat that could probably only fit a toddler.

ravelry.com | instagram.com

Are you sure that’s the same pattern?

#5. This monstrosity that was supposed to be vodka-soaked gummy bears.

thelifejolie.com | instagram.com

Don’t show this to your kids for two reasons: (1) there’s vodka in it, and (2) they might hate you for killing all the gummy bears. Learn the right way of making these here.

#6. This Matisse bowl that ended up looking like a crumpled mess.

karuski.co.uk | instagram.com

#7. This Christmas decoration that needed at least five more strings of lights.

behindthebiggreendoor.com | instagram.com

#8. These apple pies baked in apples that looked like a graphic murder scene by the end.

tablespoon.com | instagram.com

#9. This dinosaur-egg soap that hatched earlier than expected.

buzzfeed.com | instagram.com

#10. This snowman who turned up being less fortunate and less proportionate.

goodshomedesign.com | instagram.com

#11. This melted crayon overkill.

dreamalittlebigger.com | instagram.com

Go easy on the crayons next time, Bob Ross.

#12. These melted crayons that set things on fire…; literally.

treasuresfortots.blogspot.com | instagram.com | instagram.com

#13. These really sad peppermint hot chocolate spoons.

princesspinkygirl.com | craftymothertrucker.com

But hooray, she eventually made it work!

#14. This T-shirt cat tent that unfortunately was more T-shirt, less tent.

dearcrissy.com | buzzfeed.com

“It didn’t exactly turn out as planned..but my cat still uses it! Good thing he’s not to hard to please.” — lexim813

#15. This halfhearted attempt at repurposing a broken plate as a mosaic pot.

mosaictilearts.com | instagram.com

#16. This fortune cookie that more closely resembled Pac-Man.

instructables.com | buzzfeed.com

“It looks like someone’s great aunt’s saddle thighs in yellow leggings.” — megandbethea

#17. This plastic light switch cover that got nuked in the oven, for some reason.

Larissa Holland / mmmcrafts.blogspot.com.es | instagram.com

This is the proper way to do it. And yes, no electrical kitchen gadgets required.

#18. And this sorry attempt at glow-in-the-dark sneakers that somehow ended up leaving more paint on the table than on the shoes.

artsyfartsymama.com | instagram.com

Craft lesson #82: Screw your caps on tightly, people!