19 Pictures Of Olympians That Will Amaze You


#1. German cyclist Robert Forstemann and New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson casually comparing quads.

#2. USA swimmer Anthony Ervin shaving EVERYTHING before a meet.

On the eve of US Nationals! #RacingSeason #BodyReady. Thank you @Gillette!

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#3. Or USA swimmer Nathan Adrian shaving his entire face, also before a meet.

I think I’m doing it wrong #shavingfortrials

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#4. Aly Ralsman cupping her knees, because that’s definitely a thing.

Walking around getting ready for practice while cupping my legs…; Athletes understand the struggle 😜 #multitasker

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#5. And Nathan Adrian cupping his triceps, which looks so, so painful (and weird).

Wednesday treatment day! My triceps needed a bit of love after a couple tough weights sessions. #cupping

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#6. Simone Biles and Aly Ralsman comparing how much tape they need.

All the tape @simonebiles needs for the Olympics vs all the tape I need. #SheIsNotHuman #ButSeriously #ITapeBothAnkles

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#7. British synchronized swimmer Olivia Federici stretching like it’s no big deal.

#8. Ryan Lochte eating a perfectly normal 10,000-calorie meal.

#9. Simone Biles and volleyball player David Lee comparing heights.

#10. And basketball players Jimmy Butler and DeAndre Jordan doing the same with tiny gymnasts Ragan Smith and Ashton Locklear.

@usagym visits #USABMNT practice!

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#11. Brit diver Dan Goodfellow chilling on the insanely high 10-meter diving platform.

Not a bad view from 10m ☀️ #bolzano #italy

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#12. Usain Bolt just defying gravity.

Anything Possible Right?

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#13. Or Bolt covered in actual bits of the track after a day of practice.

After blazing up the track I take it with me.. #throwbacktoyesterdaytraining

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#14. This little girl holding up two Brazilian gymnasts mid-flip (sort of).

Sophia has the “Force” 🖖🏻

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#15. Dutch swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren doing underwater Olympic ring art (and we can’t work out how?!).

It’s all about the 🇧🇷 Olympics. #zwemteamnl🦁 #roadtorio @swimclinics (📷 @robin__n)

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#16. USA weightlifter Sarah Robles proving that even her forehead is super-strong when it comes to fork holding.

Useless talents

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#17. US fencer Miles Chamley-Watson candidly showing off his giant hand.

#18. British sprinter Harry Alkines’ totally regular legs.

Getting ready for that Christmas binge! 😁 #EveryDayLegDay

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#19. And then dancing his pecs to Rihanna’s song “Work”.

When boredom strikes 😂😂 @teamgb #Rio #HoldingCamp

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Yep, totally normal, everyday people.