30 Photos That Show Just How Filthy Rich Donald Trump Is


In what seems like his most successful bid for presidency so far – we won’t exactly be surprised if Trump ends up taking over from Obama in The White House.

But, what do we know about Donald Trump’s past? Well, the real estate developer, business author turned TV personality is definitely well off.


The controversial politician was born into money, but his assets are ever-growing because of his businesses and lets face it – stardom!

The now 69-year-old has a net worth $8.7 billion as of June 2015 and we can see why.

Donald started off working at his dad’s real estate firm and began working his way up to larger deals, specialising in implementing state of the art, architectural designs – his success seems to have catapulted from there.

So, if you want to know just how filthy rich your Republican front runner is, check out these jaw-dropping photos…;

1. A Young Donald Trump With His Rolls Royce