33 Innocent Drawings By Kids That Are Accidentally Filthy

When it comes to art and drawings, kids have got the knack of it. Their imaginations are crazy innocent, and sometimes only adult eyes can see what they’ve REALLY drawn.

#1. “Mom, just whisper it to me.”


#2. “I’m going to sell snow shovels too.”


#3. “Look dad, that’s the special whistle right there.”


#4. “You’re wearing a minions shirt here mom.”


#5. “Mommy, that’s our neighbor’s cat, right there.”


#6. “Look mom, i just drew the tallest volcano.”


#7. “Daddy, we’re gonna go to that lighthouse you told me about, right? The one that looks like this?”


#8. “My dad’s the best cook ever.”


#9. “Ooh boy, I finally got the scissors right.”


#10. “That’s a baby giraffe, mommy. I made it just for you.”


#11. Checkout my turntables dad. Cool, huh?

Amy Aucoin

#12. “We should always wash our hands to get rid of the yucky germs.”


#13. “Yup, that’s Jesus right there.”

#14. “Thank you so much, Mr. Firefighter.”

#15. “That’s you mommy.”

Sarah Stewart

#16. “…;because he is very excited, because it’s Christmas and because Santa is coming.”

Mhairi Shewan

#17. “The fox is running away from this alien because he’s afraid, dad.”

Gemma Glover

#18. “That’s your rocketship ride for Mother’s Day, mom. You like it, huh, don’t you?”

#19. “I really like to paint. This is abstract, dad. That’s my painting of you and mom on your wedding day.”

Nicole Loria

#20. “That’s me right there and that’s a shovel, the one grandpa made me hold at the farm.”

#21. “You and Santa should be friends dad. You’re shaking hands here in this drawing.”

#22. “I drew plenty and plenty of mushrooms!”

#23. That’s me right there.”

#24. “That’s Teacher Megan in Kindergarten.”


#25. “You’re my hero.”


#26. “Visit me again, Santa.”

Amy Perry

#27. “It’s a duck mom.”

#28. “You see the vase, dad?? Now, do you see the flower inside the vase?”

#29. “I saw you earlier mowing the lawn, mom, so I drew this.”


#30. “That’s a daddy skeleton.”

Cecile Brits

#31. “It is a fish grandpa. It is a fish.”

Karleaha Baylis

#32. “It looks almost the same dad. Come on.”


#33. “I’ll name this whale, Whillis.”