7 Lessons for Success From the Highest Paid Actresses of 2015

A lot can be learned from Hollywood’s successful women as they have managed to become successful in an area where competition is fierce and where people are more likely to fail, rather than thrive. The women in the list below are inspiring as each one of them has a different quality to demonstrate. Not only have they succeeded in being well-known and respected for their work, but they have also shown the world that they are more than just pretty faces. Their pursuits on and off screen have earned them fame and money, and they have more than proven that women can also bring home the bacon. Through the achievements of these women, women all over the world can learn valuables lessons on success, both on a personal and professional level. Read on for a list of the most important lessons for success we have learnt from 2015’s highest paid actresses.

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7. Grow: Angelina Jolie ($15,000,000)

A regular on the list, Angelina Jolie has grown from an actress to a writer, director and producer. In addition to her work, she is now family oriented. She is also a humanitarian and a special United Nations envoy on refugee issues. She has grown to embrace more roles at a personal and professional level and continued to bring in big bucks. As one of the few actresses who have taken on family life and additional responsibilities, she proves that women can have it all. As time passes, you should look for ways to advance professionally and personally; you shouldn’t be afraid to go after high paying job positions with lots of responsibilities, while you should also go ahead and start a family if that’s what you really want. If Angelina can balance career and family, so can you.

6. Take Action: Julia Roberts ($16,000,000)

Roberts’ career is at a point where she only works on projects she chooses. However, long before she was an A-list star with the power to pick her gigs, she started out small. After watching her brother achieve some success as an actor, she left home, moved in with her siblings, joined a modeling agency and began taking acting classes in New York. Her go-getter attitude is also visible in her work; while working on the ‘Mona Lisa Smile’, Julia took art lessons to improve her performance. She also embraces roles of women who are willing to take a risk and change the world around them as is evident in her portrayal of Erin in ‘Erin Brockovich’. Her achievements are a lesson on how much you can achieve by being more proactive. Do not allow others to make decisions about your career; make choices that feel right in your gut and are in line with your personal goals.

5. The Power of a Personal Brand: Jennifer Aniston: ($16,500,000)

Jenifer Aniston is a rare gem; she makes fewer films than most actresses on the list but still rakes in millions from endorsements. Her fans from her days in ‘Friends’, who loved her for her perfect hair and her adorable character, haven’t abandoned her despite the fact that it’s been eleven years since then. She still attracts big brands such as Aveeno, Living Proof and Smartwater. Jennifer has created such a solid brand that nobody can resist her. A lesson you can apply in your life. Make yourself into a brand and look for partners who compliment your brand. Start small, associate with the right people and watch your personal brand take you beyond your dreams.

4. Conquer the World: Bingbing Fan ($21,000,000)

Fan Bingbing

Ms. Fan is the only non-American on the list, which says a lot as in the past year she’s only had one non-Chinese film, and that was ‘X-Men: Days of the Future’. As the only foreigner on the list, she proves that you can conquer the world if you stick to your craft and work hard at it. Her world domination is an example of what you can achieve if you set your sights high.

3. Be Yourself: Melissa McCarthy ($23,000,000)

Melissa McCarthy is the queen of funny as proven by her performances both on and off screen. Unfortunately, there are those who dislike her; this pack of haters will do their best to bring her down whether it’s for her size or her top performances. However, she is not afraid; she speaks up and takes pride in her size. She admits that as a mother, she cannot let outsiders bring her down; she has to stand up for herself for the sake of her daughters. Melissa is also confident in who she is; her ‘Bridesmaids’ director cast her to be the nervous girl whose life keeps falling apart; in real life however she is a girl with lots of confidence who simply won’t be ignored. Her success reminds us that you can go much further in life by presenting your most authentic self and not putting on a fake front.

2. Work Hard: Scarlett Johansson ($35,500,000)

Scarlett Johanson

We have all heard about hard work, but Scarlet Johansson proves that going the extra mile can take you places. Scarlet knew she wanted to work in the film industry since she was little. She started out by joining drama clubs, rehearsing and even choosing college majors that helped her achieve her dreams. She understood early on that she lacked the right connections in Hollywood and that made her work even harder. By making the right correct career choices, she came closer to her dreams. Her hard work paid off eventually, as she is now renowned all over the world, while she works with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Sodastream. Her success reminds us that if you really want something, you should start working at it and you should never give up.

1. Diversity: Jennifer Lawrence ($52,000,000)

Jennifer Lawrence has taught us that by diversifying, we can increase our chances at success. As a newbie in Hollywood, she started out as a tom boy in ‘Winter’s Bone’, she then moved to action in ‘Hunger Games’ while later she starred in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, as Bradley Cooper’s love interest, in an award winning performance. She was twenty-three years old when she achieved the impossible: won an Oscar. She’s also been working in one of the most successful franchises in recent times –Hunger Games, while she’s also raking in big bucks as Dior’s brand ambassador. Her ability to play various roles allowed her to increase her profile and become successful. It also diversified her fan base, which increased her following, which in its turn made her more attractive to international brands. The lesson to be taken away by Jennifer Lawrence’s successful career is that by diversifying yourself, you increase your skills, experience and connections, which makes you more attractive to employers.

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Women often look up to each other for encouragement in their professional and personal lives. The success of these women is a motivation to all women out there working on their dreams. They have made it in one of the most difficult industries in the world which means that anything is possible. Through their professional and personal choices, you can draw lessons to inspire your professional pursuits and motivate you to pursue your dreams to fruition.