Angry Girl Strips Naked In A Shopping Center Because Her Boyfriend Wont But Her An iPhone

When new iPhones are released people will go to extreme lengths to get their hands on one- but this angry woman went a step too far.

This hilarious video shows the moment a girl strips naked in a busy shopping center after her boyfriend refuses to buy her the latest iPhone 6s model.

Girl strips naked after her boyfriend refuses to buy her the iPhone 6s

The woman can be seen trying to bargain with her boyfriend but after a short while she decides theres nothing left to do other than throw her clothes to the floor in front of hundreds of people.

Its thought the clip was filmed in China and dont worry its completely safe for work as the girl in the nude is pixeled out.

After the spectacle, the shocked boyfriend can be seen walking away- however the angry woman follows him and starts to push him while she is still completely starkers.

Since the video was uploaded on to Youtube, it has been viewed well over a million times.

Were not sure how this extreme lovers tiff ended- but we do hope her poor boyfriend didnt give in.

It seems spoiled girlfriends getting angry at at their boyfriends for not buying them things is common in China. Last week a woman stole an Audi after her boyfriend refused to buy it for her.