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“Inferno” isn’t a box office disaster: Dan Brown’s overseas hit may be the future of movies, whether we like it or not

“Inferno” went up in flames during its first weekend in release. Starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones, the third adaptation of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series bowed to an anemic $15 million in theaters. Projections show it

34 Photos Miss Universe Pageant Contestants Parade Costumes for Their Country

Miss Universe is an annual international beauty contest that is run by the Miss Universe Organization. Along with the Miss Earth and Miss World contests, Miss Universe is one of the three largest beauty pageants in the

15 Hilarious Videobomb News Bloopers

Everyone loves an well-timed videobomb even if it is just a drunken man shouting obscenities or flashing his private parts but if youre an unwitting news reporter, youd probably fail to see the funny side. From accidental

Behind The Scenes Photos From Your Favourite TV Shows

While catching up on your favourite TV shows you probably don’t give much thought on what goes on behind the cameras – but it turns out there’s a whole new world behind the lens. We’ve got some

Floyd Mayweather’s Mansion Has An Instagram Account & It. Is. Glorious.

This is pretty much spare change for Floyd Mayweather. Whether you’re rooting for Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, you can’t deny that Floyd has the best digs ever. Floyd, worth around $400 million, is not

Powerful Portraits Show Homeless People Dressed Up For Their Dream Careers

San Francisco based photographer Horia Manolache started a photography series about homelessness. horiamanolache His project called “The Prince and the Pauper,” portrays homeless people dressed up for their dream jobs. horiamanolache In a series of dual portraits,

15 Celebs Who Owe Their Smiles To Plastic Surgery

When you imagine a celebrity, what type of person do you have in mind? Is it a handsome individual with white teeth and symmetrical face or is it some guy with a crooked smile? Yeah, we believe

America’s Most Beautiful National Park May Also Be Its Most Dangerous

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the world”s first national park, and it”s also America”s most beautiful. From the the Old Faithful Geiser, to the serene mountains and rare wildlife that populate its forests, this 2,219,791-acre

The 10 Phrases or Words You Should NEVER Google

The Internet is an incredible and a wonderful place. However, with any good thing. There is always a dark side looming over and waiting to be discovered so that it can scar our minds and take away

12 Of The Most Unique Airbnb Rentals That’ll Have You Packing Your Bags

Airbnb is amazing because it provides the opportunity to stay at beautiful places in just about every city or village that you’ve ever dreamed of visiting. So instead of heading onto a site that’ll book you a