British Student Tortured For ‘No Reason’ By Belgium Cops In Two Hour Jail Cell Horror


A British student has spoke of the horrific moment he was ‘tortured’ by laughing Belgium cops after he was arrested for no reason.

Elliot James Meredith was ordering a take-away after a work night out in Brussels, Belgium, when he was arrested, taken to a police station and subjected to a two-hour barrage of physical and mental abuse.


He says he was beaten repeatedly and restrained in a choke hold while handcuffed during a sustained violent attack by up to five police officers.

The 21-year-old said he pleaded for them to stop, but was made to kneel on the floor and repeatedly shout “I am a little girl, I am a little girl,” while the officers stood and laughed.


Cops subjected Elliot to physical and mental abuse

Elliot from Nantwich, Cheshire, was with two friends when he claims was violently arrested without being questioned or charged with a crime.

During the two-hour assault, the trio were subjected to degrading physical and mental abuse as they begged for mercy, fearing for their lives.

But they were eventually released without any formal charges or explanation why they had been detained.

Taking to Facebook to speak out about the horrific ordeal, Elliot said he thought he was going to die.

He was doing a ten-month internship at a communications company in Brussels, but has since returned back to the UK.


The 21-year-old ‘thought he was going to die’

He said: “The night involved repeated beatings whilst being handcuffed.

“At one point by five police officers launching a sustained violent attack to the face and body whilst I cried for them to please stop and asking them what had I done?

“I was asked to have a fight with one officer in an attempt to make a case against me for assault.

“Unwillingness to do so and pleading with them for it to stop, they simply laughed and he attacked me anyway.”

“I was taken to hospital but even that included a violent and abusive journey with an officer attacking me in the back seat of the car whilst again being handcuffed and restrained in a choke hold.

“I thought I was going to die.”


Elliot does not plan to return to Belgium to finish his internship

Elliot phoned his dad, Chris, on Sunday morning to tell him about the traumatising ordeal.

Chris, a company chief executive, said: “He phoned us in tears on Sunday morning in a totally distraught state.

“He said, ‘I have just had the worst night of my life. You won’t believe what has happened.’ He recalled it in a completely traumatised state.”

The family have reported the incident to the British consulate, who are looking into it.

They are also being represented by a Belgian lawyer and intend to prosecute the officers involved.