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This Photo Proves That North And Saint West Are Basically Twins

The two beautiful children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West obviously look alike but we didn’t realise just how much…;until now. Here is little North at 7-months. The cutie is such a good mix of her two

10 Professional Wrestlers With Awful Music Careers

marketinggum Love it or hate it, the theatrical world of professional wrestling can be the perfect springboard into showbiz for the sport’s most talented stars. Big names like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dave Bautista and The Rock

Malaysia: Crown Prince Converts to Catholicism, Shocks Muslim World

The crown prince of the state of Selangor in Malaysia, has relinquished all his possessions and a chance to succeed to the prestigious throne of Selangor to follow his heart and marry Spanish top model and superstar

28 Famous People You Might Not Know Were Band Geeks

Oh, so you’re musically talented and in the spotlight? GOOD FOR YOU. See the famous people and their other talent! 1) Jimmy Kimmel Played: Clarinet Source:buzzfeed.com 2) Halle Berry Played: Flute Source:buzzfeed.com 3) Julia Roberts Played: Oboe

14 Photos of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” — Then & Now!

In the ’90s, Amy Jo Johnson played Angel Grove high schooler/Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Hart on the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” before heading to college on “Felicity.” And today, the actress turns 43! 1) is actually one

13 Beautiful Celebrities Caught In Hilarious Unflattering Poses

The beautiful celebrities are all over our TV screens, internet and magazines, generally looking excellent. But, believe it or not, they are people just like you and me. Its true! And theyre also capable of also looking

The 8 Most WTF Moments From Arnold Schwarzeneggers Instagram

It turns out that Arnie doesnt actually spend all his time lifting weights and getting involved with politics. Sometimes he just likes to hang out and chill with a tiny horse. Ill be back… to return my

The Worst Celebrity Meltdowns Of All Time

For some celebrities, the limelight gets too much for them and for one reason or another they end up having seriously dramatic meltdowns. It probably doesn’t help that whilst they are going off the rails, the media

Eat Like The Rock

Actors angrily swiping things off desks