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“Inferno” isn’t a box office disaster: Dan Brown’s overseas hit may be the future of movies, whether we like it or not

“Inferno” went up in flames during its first weekend in release. Starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones, the third adaptation of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series bowed to an anemic $15 million in theaters. Projections show it

Behind The Scenes Photos From Your Favourite TV Shows

While catching up on your favourite TV shows you probably don’t give much thought on what goes on behind the cameras – but it turns out there’s a whole new world behind the lens. We’ve got some

The 10 Phrases or Words You Should NEVER Google

The Internet is an incredible and a wonderful place. However, with any good thing. There is always a dark side looming over and waiting to be discovered so that it can scar our minds and take away

Life Wouldn’t Be The Same If These 25 Accidents Didn’t Turn Out Brilliantly. Wow.

Every day, you probably use a few items that were originally invented by complete accident. It”s much more common than you realize for modern inventions to be discovered by accident. Experiments can go awry, leading researchers to

5 more quintessentially Franzen-esque reasons to hate Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen — author of the critically acclaimed novels “Freedom,” “The Corrections” — is frequently hailed as a writer capable of portraying psychological and moral complexity in works that double as entertaining beach-reading, and his most recent,

New MTV Docuseries White People Set To Launch July 22 (TRAILER)

Thanks to MTV, a full court press designed to force millennial whites to face (self-loathe) their whiteness is scheduled to debut on July 22. (Mic.com) MTVs new docuseries White People has one hell of a name. Its

Bride Cheating On Her New Blind Husband Prank The Reaction From People Are Priceless

Watch what happens when this newly married couple ask people take pictures of them. The people are left baffled after what happens next. These Gags are filmed in Quebec.

Lady Mary Behaving Badly: TNT’s “Good Behavior” lets Michelle Dockery break bad

A game-changing plot point in the first season of “Downton Abbey” involved the upright and graceful Lady Mary Crawley succumbing to the romantic advances of Mr. Pamuk, a handsome Turkish diplomat. First he steals a kiss from

Arshad Khan ‘chai wala’ signs first film ‘Kabeer’

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The ‘dreamy-eyed’ chai wala Arshad Khan has just landed his first film project. After walking the runway and appearing in various commercials, Arshad will be making his debut in ‘Kabeer’. “I have signed

WATCH: Someone finally gives Fox News’ Jesse Watters a taste of his own medicine

Bill O’Reilly lackey Jesse Watters is still facing major backlash from one of his deliberately offensive man on the street interviews on “The O’Reilly Factor.” While representatives from Fox News were reportedly defending Watters’ recent racist foray