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15 Hilarious Videobomb News Bloopers

Everyone loves an well-timed videobomb even if it is just a drunken man shouting obscenities or flashing his private parts but if youre an unwitting news reporter, youd probably fail to see the funny side. From accidental

Powerful Portraits Show Homeless People Dressed Up For Their Dream Careers

San Francisco based photographer Horia Manolache started a photography series about homelessness. horiamanolache His project called “The Prince and the Pauper,” portrays homeless people dressed up for their dream jobs. horiamanolache In a series of dual portraits,

10 Reasons Why You Must Watch NH10 Right Now

About Latest Posts Sufia Banu Latest posts by Sufia Banu (see all) Top 5 Best Countries To Immigrate From India – Oct 26, 2015 10 Creepiest And Amazing Things You Will Never Believe Were Done By These

Have You Experienced A Crazy Hair Day Like These Ones

Having a crazy hair day seems to be a nightmare for adults especially when they are already pressed for time. They might be rushing off to an important meeting or going out on a date but their

Struggles Of A Computer Sciences Student!

Appreciation, validation, and social acceptance. These are some of the things that you might face trouble with if you’re a Computer Sciences student. Don’t ask why. It has all to do with our love for classifications, and

This Company Lets Kids Design Their Own Unique Clothes

Mom-of-two Jaimee Newberry was watching her daughter drawing a dress when she had a bright idea — what if her daughter’s fashion dreams could become a reality? The nifty mom sewed up a storm and Picture This

11 Facts You Did Not Know About ANTARCTICA

Even till date Antarctica is a mystery to everyone. It is the coldest, windiest, driest continent on the planet, and researchers are still discovering many of its secrets. Here are the 11 amazing facts about Antarctica which

These Hilariously Dramatic Notes From Kids Will Crack You Up

#1. This girl who wanted to be sold on eBay was heartbroken when her mom suggested no one would buy her. Facebook “But the fact that you said no one would buy me really shattered my heart.

26 Seriously Disturbing Face Swaps

Face swaps are taking the world by storm and it is safe to say they are all hilarious. It all started out innocently enough: taking a picture with your best friend, letting the app do its magic

15 Of The Funniest Amazon Reviews Ever Written

#1. This UFO Detector didn’t live up to the buyer’s expectations. Amazon #2. This Silent Wired Mouse worked almost TOO well. Amazon #3. This lady was so excited to be able to write with special For Her