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The World’s Worst Jobs That Will Make You Love Yours

Monday morning will forever hold a negative stigma as employees bid farewell to their weekend freedom and wake up early once again to head to work. No matter how much you love your job, there will always

This Glow-In-The-Dark Cinderella Gown Is The Most Beautiful Dress You’ll Ever See

The Met Gala is always a source of intense debate in the fashion world, and this year was no exception. But one thing everyone agreed on this year was that Claire Danes’ dress won the show. itsmatin

You Won’t Find A Single Road In This Fairytale Village

Giethoorn, a tiny village in the Netherlands, is known as the Venice of the North as it doesn’t have a single road. Owegoo Founded around 1230, the endless winding canals and bridges make Giethoorn look like something

‘Average Parent Problems’ Is The Hilarious, Relatable Instagram For Anyone Raising Kids

If you ever need to laugh at (and relate to) someone else’s misery, look no further. Average Parent Problems is a hilarious Instagram archive of parenting fails and successes. Never try to come between a baby and

20 Tweets That Prove Danny Dyer Is The Most Hilarious Actor On The Internet

One of Britain’s best bad asses, Danny Dyer, has proved to be one of the most down to earth guys in the acting industry. Even though his movie roles make him out to be a cockney gangster

22 Photos That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

These photos will make you do a double take trying to figure out how they were able to do that.Enjoy and let your brain get some exercise.

15 Examples Of Laziness Perfected

You could call them lazy. Or you could call them fiendishly clever. Either way, it turns out that sloth and intelligence are inextricably intertwined. 1. A bins place in the house is DOWNSTAIRS <

21 Hilarious Jokes That Anyone Who’s Ever Been Drunk Will Get

#1. This wonderful state of being. Tumblr #2. This attempt. Me: Could a drunk person do this!? *assembles Ikea bookcase* Her: that’s supposed to be a couch. — Goats? (@Gooooats) December 28, 2015 #3. This experience we’ve

Lightpainting Is The Newest Art Form Of The Century And It’s Incredibly Magical

If you thought art was all paintings and sculptures, think again. American artist Stephen Knapp has created a new medium of art and expression — lightpaintings. lightpaintings Stephen works with a small group of artists who work

10 Interesting Facts About Maldives Which Will Amuse You

We all know Maldives island as one of the best destination for holidays with tropical islands with sparkling blue water that stretches as far as the eye can see, private beach huts on white sandy beaches, and