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Floyd Mayweather’s Mansion Has An Instagram Account & It. Is. Glorious.

This is pretty much spare change for Floyd Mayweather. Whether you’re rooting for Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, you can’t deny that Floyd has the best digs ever. Floyd, worth around $400 million, is not

12 Of The Most Unique Airbnb Rentals That’ll Have You Packing Your Bags

Airbnb is amazing because it provides the opportunity to stay at beautiful places in just about every city or village that you’ve ever dreamed of visiting. So instead of heading onto a site that’ll book you a

13 Reasons Your BFF Is Everything

It’s A Relationship No One Else Could Ever Understand Your relationship with your family, your significant other, your coworkers or the people with whom you go to school, will never be the same as your relationship with

How to Have the Perfect Workday

See Also: How to Overcome a Hard Day at Work Want to have the best day at work? With this how-to guide, you know how exactly to do just that. Why not follow these steps and make

4 Craziest Religions in The World

scientology Wow, I can’t believe my boss gave me this to write…;it’s obviously going to piss off A LOT of people. I mean, many people care about their religion more than anything else in the whole world…;I

10 Mind-Blowing Watches You’ll Want Right Now

Watches. They might seem redundant now that everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, but that just means you can make an even bigger statement with your timepiece. We’ve scoured the entire internet to bring you the

The 10 Absolutely Coolest Additions To Any Home

Who didn’t want a rotating library wall that took you to a secret room in your house while growing up? Or maybe a dumbwaiter that also doubled as your own personal elevator? If you’re like me, your

15 Ways to Lose Holiday Weight Fast

Its really hard not to eat a lot during the holidays. When you think about it, holidays are really all about eating and eating even more. When family gathers around the table, its clearly time for food.

10 Difficult-to-Translate Words And Phrases From Around the World

Ever heard of the term “lost in translation?” Of course, you have smarty-pants, so you’ll know that it means there are some words and phrases that are so unique, they simply cannot be adequately captured through direct

Do YOU Live In The Happiest Country In The World? Find Out The Top 5 Here!

How happy are you? How happy are your neighbors? Have you ever stopped and truly thought about it? How happy are you? How happy is your community? How happy is your city, state, country? Well, if you