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You’ll Be Shocked Speechless When You See How These 25 People Avoided Disaster

Bad things happen to good people every day, and we”re left to wonder why. But every now and again, fortune smiles upon us, saving us from near disaster. When we experience something of this magnitude and proceed

What These 10 People Captured In Their Selfies Made Their Jaws DROP

For as long as humans have been able to take photos, ghosts have been there to jump into photos at unexpected moments and cause a ruckus. It used to be that ghost photos were few and far

The Police Are Now Hunting For The 2 Creepy Figures That Appeared In This Video

A couple of friends in Auckland, New Zealand, were filming a skit for a school project when a camera operator noticed a strange pair of figures walking out of the forest. They appeared to be two young

15 Female Bodybuilders Who Went Too Far

It is a well known fact that bodybuilding pushes your body to the limit. Predominately a mans world, we have grown accustomed to seeing more and more men appearing with freakishly muscly physiques. However, increasingly, female bodybuilders

Taylor Swift Meets Her Ultimate Lookalike In Australia

Taylor Swift is known for being generous towards her fans. From flying them out to her LA home to preview her 1989 album, to sending them Christmas gifts, she’s done it all. But now she has met

This Public Torture Made Me Sick. But The Reason Why They’re Doing It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks.

LUSH is a global cosmetic company with a focus on using natural, organic products that are good for both their customers and the environment. Not only that, but they are rabidly against using animal testing in the

15 Surprising Methods Of Transport From Around The World

Whilst most of us are used to the usual cars, buses or trains as transport to get around our city, it turns out there is a lot of unusual ways people travel around in other parts of

10 Most Shocking Hostage Situations In Recent History, #5 Will Break Your Heart

The recent hostage situation in Sydney, Australia came to a head on December 16th. While it”s deeply sad that there were casualties in the end, it could have easily gone much worse. This new tragedy has us

21 Abandoned Military Bases That Will Leave You Astounded

Military bases and installations are built to accommodate one or more units and provide a training ground, meaning that they are only in use for a few years or so. Since the first World War, many abandoned

She Was Overweight Her Entire Life Until Doctors Discovered Something Shocking

It”s no secret that Americans are largely overweight. We eat too much fast food, exercise too little, and quit workouts/diets far too soon. Obesity is literally a growing problem in our country. This inspirational story will surely