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America’s Most Beautiful National Park May Also Be Its Most Dangerous

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the world”s first national park, and it”s also America”s most beautiful. From the the Old Faithful Geiser, to the serene mountains and rare wildlife that populate its forests, this 2,219,791-acre

After Their Two Children Were Brutally Murdered, This Couple Found Joy Again.

Marina and Kevin Krim have endured something no parent should ever have to experience. They were a joyful couple, parents to three beautiful children, until unbelievable disaster struck. Lulu and Leo, their 6 year-old and 2 year-old

It’s Unbelievable Just Where These 7 Bodies Were Found

As we”ve seen in the case of the massively popular podcast, Serial, sometimes the evidence presented during a murder trial doesn”t exactly add up. Sometimes, witnesses give conflicting testimonies. Sometimes, the timelines just don”t seem plausible. Most

Security Camera Footage Shows A Ghostly Event Occur In A Bar – Watch The Beer

One doesn”t often think of ghosts as barflies, but it would actually make tons of sense. Who wants to spend eternity scaring people with no breaks? If I were a ghost, I”d love to have some occasional

What One Artist Does To These Dolls Will Give You The Serious Creeps

Baby dolls are creepy as is, but one artist apparently felt like we all could use a bit more definition to our nightmares. With the help of some acrylic paint, redditor NovelistResearcher takes abandoned dolls and turns

Check Out These 20 Unbelievably Close Calls. These Must Be The Luckiest People Ever.

If every day is a gift, the ones these people had were nicely-wrapped boxes shot from cannons that whizzed by their heads. If youve come any closer to dying than these people, youre a lousy liar or

Sorry For Your Loss, But This New Product Will Put Your Loved One’s Ashes Into Something Insane

It’s always hard when you lose a loved one, especially if they were young, and full of life, which it always seems they are… It’s even harder if the person you lost is your significant other. Mark

When You See This, You Will Probably Be Angry. But There Is Justice…Kinda.

When police arrived on scene after getting reports of pet abuse on the residence, they were absolutely disgusted. They found a dog, withering away, chained to a tree. It will be impossible to not be moved by

Watching This Video Of A Sea Lion Eating A Shark Will Leave Your Jaw On The Ground

We all think of sharks as the top predators of the sea. They are lean, mean, chomping machines. They’ve had several movies written and produced about them, several documentaries, heck, Discovery Channel has a whole week dedicated

When You Think Outside Of The Box, Life Gets More Awesome.

Being normal is boring, but living on the edge can be so difficult! For one thing, you have to go out and get new stuff like a leather jacket, Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and a trampoline for mounting that