Check Out These Men Who Can Braid Their Hair


These men can all braid their hair and we think thats impressive!

The man bun has been around for some time now, so some men have decided to spice things up and have a go at braids instead.

Surprisingly, they arent as bad as you would think. Plus, Harry Styles has been spotted rocking the look so it cant be that bad, right?


We arent saying they are a hot look, but with a bit of practice they could be looking quite quirky. Quirky being the operative word.

There are no guarantees that if you take on this new hairstyle you will have fan girls falling at your feet, but it is something different for sure.

Man buns have been ridiculed for months so it is about time a new trend came onto the scene to give us something else to laugh at.

However, we arent completely escaping the man bun as there seems to be a hybrid hairstyle emerging. We call it the brun: braiding plus a man bun.


Harry Styles: The first of many men who can braid their hair.