Dead Teenager Woke Up In Her Coffin After Being Buried Alive


A teenager who was pronounced dead woke up and screamed for help a day after she was buried but later died in hospital.

A video has surfaced of a grieving family breaking through a concrete tomb and opening the coffin of Neysi Perez after her widowed fiance heard banging and screaming.

After reaching the 16-year-old the family members found that the glass window in the coffin has been smashed and the corpses fingers were bruised.



Her rescuers claim she still had warm skin and a faint heartbeat making her look more like she was in a deep sleep.

The girl was then taken to hospital to be resuscitated, however after the medics found no sign of life, she was later returned to the same grave.

The teenager from Honduras was three months pregnant and it is believed she first became unconscious after having a panic attack at the sound of gun fire.

Her extremely religious family had a priest perform a exorcism after the teen started foaming at the mouth, however she was later declared clinically dead.


It has been suggested the young girl had cataplexy attack, an abrupt temporary loss of voluntary muscle function which is often triggered by a strong emotion such as stress or fear, during which the victim is fully aware of their surroundings.

It is thought she then later died due to lack of oxygen after waking up inside the coffin.