Donald Trumps Latest Tweet About Chattanooga Shooting Couldnt be More True



Potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is a man who is known for speaking his mind and telling the truth whether anyone wants to hear it or not.

The real estate mogul recently tweeted about the horrifying shooting that took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee which left four Marines dead.


Trumps tweet gave a solid answer for how to prevent a tragedy like this from occurring in the future, and Im pretty sure every American who has an IQ above zero will agree.

I may not be the biggest Trump fan on the planet, but he absolutely nails it here, and Im in agreement with him 100 percent.

Me personally, I dont think gun free zones should exist period, whether its military or civilian locations.

I believe we need to uphold the Second Amendment as it was written, because lets be honest here, an armed society is a polite society.

If a radical Jihadist thinks theres a high probability hell be shot before completing his mission, he might not go through with it, and if he does, well, he wont get far, and lives will be saved.

Lets hope this incident inspires the removal of gun free zones for military personnel so they can be armed and ready should another evil waste of humanity attempt another attack like this.