Every 90s Girl Will Go Crazy Over The New Supergroup ‘Boyzlife’


Do you remember these two faces from your childhood days?



Of course, it’s Keith Duffy from the one and only Boyzone and Brian McFadden from the iconic boyband Westlife.

And for all you 90s girls out there who spent your time singing Westlife and Boyzone songs into your hairbrush, prepare to get super excited as these two ex-boyband stars have just announced they are forming a super-group!

They were both members of Ireland’s biggest ever boybands, and although we obviously love all the boybands that have came since, nothing ever truly lived up to the 90s stars.

Although it may seem totally surreal, there is about to be a ‘Boyzlife’ in the world and we couldn’t be happier!

Perhaps inspired by the McBusted supergroup forming, Keith and Brian have confirmed they are starting on a new project to reunite both Boyzone and Westlife into one merged group!

Both guys are super keen to get their other band mates involved, but it is yet to be confirmed whether or not they will be joining Brian and Keith in this new venture.

Brian has admitted that himself and the other Westlife boys even talked about the idea with the Boyzone members at Ronan Keating’s wedding last year!

Whatever happens we can’t wait to relive all our 90s nostalgic dreams, put on our best sparkly hair scrunchie and sing the night away to hits such as ‘No Matter What’ from these:

Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately, Shane Lynch, Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham, Members of Boyzone - Irish pop group, formed in 1993. CR738X group picture

And our all-time favourite songs ‘UpTown Girl’ and ‘Flying Without Wings’ from these five beauties: