“Girl Eat World” Instagram Account Combines Street Food And Traveling The World


If you’re an adventurous foodie, Girl Eat World is the Instagram account guaranteed to inspire all the wanderlust in you.

The popular Instagram account is managed by travel blogger, Melissa Hie.

She started travelling after she moved to Singapore in 2009.

From there, she started going around neighboring countries in Asia and documented all the delicious treats she ate on the go.

🇯🇴 Limonana aka Lemon Mint 🍋🍃 at the Dead Sea at the beautiful Kempinski Ishtar @kempinskiishtar. It was quite a surreal experience to be floating in the dead sea. As soon as you enter the water, you can feel instant weightlessness. Then you just lay back and it feels like you are laying down on a floatie! Definitely a bucket list ☑️ After dipping into the dead sea, you can also try the mud therapy which is supposed to be good for your skin. I found the earthy smell a bit too overbearing so I only had it on for about 3 minutes, but it did make my skin feel super soft! Limonana has been my drink of choice in Jordan. It’s a popular drink in the middle east, made of lemon juice and fresh mint leaves, served frozen as a slushie. The perfect drink to cool down on a relaxing hot afternoon by the pool. Right behind the Limonana is the Dead Sea and the country border between Jordan and Palestine. Aside of the weightless feeling, it is unreal to realize you are looking at different countries on each side of the sea! #VisitJordan #ShareYourJordan #ShotOniPhone6sPlus Follow me on snapchat and facebook for more real time update! ▶️girleatworld◀️ on both platforms.

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How Girl Eat World Came to be though was on a solo trip to Europe.

#GirlEatWorld Kandil Simidi by @sezyilmaz with a view of Istanbul on top of Galata Tower 🇹🇷. Kandil Simidi is a bread ring decorated with sesame seeds which are shared with relatives and neighbor during the Islamic holy nights Kandil. There are five kandils in a year, and one that just passed by this past December 22/23 is the Mevlid Kandili – the birth of prophet Mohammad. The day is usually celebrated by a sermon, remembrance of the Prophet’s life and mission, gift giving and a feast. Sounds familiar right? 😉 This holy night is also celebrated in Indonesia, my birth country under the name Maulid Nabi. I heard it caused quite the traffic jam with people trying to go back to their home town out of Jakarta for both Christmas and Maulid Nabi (which does not fall on the same date every year) 😅

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“During the trip, I had the chance to taste many delicious food from the countries I visited.”

“Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium.”

“However, I had no one to share it with, so I ended up taking pictures of the food with the amazing European backdrop at wherever place I was having it.”

“And that’s how Girl Eat World started.”

Since then she’s been traveling to different countries on a quest to have to the best food trip ever.

Melissa keeps her Instagram account up-to-date by featuring other food and travel shots under the hashtag #GirlEatWorld (because one girl can only eat so much.)

Just in time for Myanmar trip next week – This #WeEatWorld by my friend @nycars shows the magical view that puts Bagan on my “must visit” list. Follow @nycars for awesome – and punny – cars! As for the caption, i’ll keep it true to @nycars’ words: “It’s taken while travelling in a hot air balloon over Bagan, which is located in central Myanmar along the Ayeyarwady River. I would love to see a hot air balloon chase in a movie one day, it would take around 5 hours. But there’s certainly something very peaceful about drifting with no sound as the sun rises over this incredible place. The large structure is the Sulamani Temple, built in 11th century and one of around 3000 temples in the area. The puff was Myanmar street food, and was filled with peanut and sugar and was quite disgusting. My tip, avoid eating dubious street food before getting on a hot air balloon. Please enjoy, and please go visit Bagan. It’s incredible.” (I’ll still try the street food tho :P)

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An apfelstrudel in #Vienna. A must-have!

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