Heres What The Charlie Bit My Finger Boys Look Like Now


Its one of the most iconic Youtube videos of all time but the boys from the Charlie Bit My Finger are not as young as you remember.

Its hard to believe the video was first uploaded onto the Internet over 8 years ago and has since been viewed over 830 million times- making it the most viewed, non music related, video of all timr

Meaning the video of one-year-old Charlie, biting his three-year-old brother Harrys finger has been seen more times than videos from the likes of One Direction, Justin Bieber and Taylor SW


If youve forgot how cute it is, here it is one more time:

But now, aged 9 and 11, this is what Charlie and Harry look like now:


The video is currently the twentieth most viewed on Youtube in history and now nearly a decade on the boys are old enough to talk about how the minute long video has affected their lives.

In an interview on the 8th birthday of the clip the two boys said the clip still makes them laugh, however they find it weird that so many people have seen it.

The adorable clip was originally uploaded by the boys dad, who only put it on to the video site so their family in America could see how the boys were growing up- however the clip blew up overnight and became the internet sensation that it is today.

It is thought by the time the clip is 10 years old it will have been watched at least a billion times!