Hilarious Video Combines The Best News Blunders From 2015


As the end of 2015 gets closer and closer, we all start reflecting on what a year it has been.

From the best pop songs to come out of the year, to the best celebrity moments, we want to look back at the highlights.


Well, one Youtube user has put together all the best news blunders from 2015.

And the result is a hilarious 15 minute video that will definitely make you laugh!

Blogger ‘NewsBeFunny’ picked out all the moments from the year where news readers just completely got it wrong.

For those with a slightly immature sense of humour this compilation video will be the best thing you’ve seen all year.

From awkward moments where news readers don’t realise they’re on air…;

To presenters getting their words muddled up, we have to let them off for their hilarious mistakes.

Put aside 15 minutes of your day to enjoy this comedy-gold video.

We wonder what funny mishaps news readers will have in 2016…;