Labour Supporters Are Raising Funds To Buy Jeremy Corbyn His ‘Dream Bike’ To ‘Annoy The Right Wing Press’


Labour supporters are going quids in to buy Jeremy Corbyn the bike of his dreams in a bid to ‘annoy the right wing press’.

The fundraising campaign comes after the Labour Leader was slammed by the Daily Telegraph for expressing a desire to own a Raleigh Criterium bicycle, priced at £475.


He recommended the red aluminium-framed bike to readers when writing a guest column for Stylist Magazine.

The story, which ran with the headline “Socialist Jeremy Corbyn reveals he covets at £475 bicycle”, was amended to “Jeremy Corbyn reveals his dearest wish is a £475 bike” amid criticism on social media.

The tongue in cheek project, titled ‘Let’s get Jez his dream bike!’, was launched on by Tom Jordan who slammed the newspaper for their “most pathetic smear of Jeremy Corbyn to date”.

Warren Allott Daily Telegraph Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader leaves his home today.

A tracksuited Jeremy Corbyn walking through London with his cherished bike

On the website he wrote: “I propose we make his dreams come true, by crowd funding his bicycle in time for his birthday in May.

“I will stick a quid in and all we need is 474 other people to do the same, in order to put a smile on Jez’s face, but primarily it will really annoy the Telegraph, the Mail, the Sun, the Tories, UKIP etc. It will definitely be funny!”

Tom set out to raise £475 to pay for the commuter bike to present to the Labour leader for his birthday on May 26.

But with 1006 backers who have pledged a whopping £2,056 already, Tom says all excess proceeds will be donated to a charity of Jeremy Corbyn’s choosing.