Mom Updated Tattoo To Support Her Transgender Son


Ten years ago Lindsay had portraits of all of her children tattooed onto her arm- but little did she know that one day she would no longer have a little girl.

Instead she now has another son.


Lindsay’s husband Steve is a tattoo artist and tattooed their three children Elliot, Hamish and Ace onto his wife’s arm however last year Ace came out to his family as transgender so dad Steve decided to make some changes for himself.

Ace said: ” I felt that it didn’t reflect me very much, that it wasn’t so much our family, because that person didn’t exist anymore”


The original ink portrait showed a girl wearing pigtails, a pink dress and carrying her flower however the recent touch up shows a young boy in a blue t-shirt, short hair with a slingshot in place of the flower.

Lindsay decided to go ahead with the extra tattoo work and the original was upsetting her son.

Steve posted to beautiful tattoo onto Facebook with this message: “This tattoo is on my wife.

“She has mini portraits of all of our kids that are 10 years old and all need a little going over. As our oldest child Ace is FTM transgender we need to update the tattoo to fully represent who he is in his happy new awesome life.”

Steve admitted that raising a transgender child can be challenging at times, but said he and his wife were committed to supporting their son “100 percent.”

And mum Lindsay said: “I would never wish for him to be anybody else, he’s just so brave.”