Moments After This Intense Picture Was Taken, Incredible Tragedy Struck…

Social media is often viewed as a vain pursuit, lacking in much substance. Yet sometimes, it can take a haunting turn. That”s exactly what happened on Gareth Jones”s Instagram account, which featured a dizzying shot of his legs dangling far above the ocean as he sat on a cliff.

It was the second to last photo he would ever take. He fell to his death from atop North Head Cliff near Sydney, Australia. It”s the same cliff shown in the photo.

Jones led a daredevilish life, full of cliff diving, rock climbing, and base jumping around the world. The 25-year-old Cambridge graduate student often competed in Europe, Asia, and Australia. At the time of his death, he was not engaged in any sport, but rather was taking in the sunrise with some friends. His fall was ruled accidental. He was seen climbing over a safety fence a few minutes before falling. His friends and family remember him as a daring, exciting person.

Via Uproxx