Proof Boris Johnson Shouldnt Be Allowed To Play Sport


Our lovable mayor of London has always stood out from the worlds ordinary politicians and thats why he is our favourite.

Slightly scatty, haphazard and a bit of a goon, you cant help but love Boris Johnson.

boris goon


Despite his moments of madness, it turns out he is a rather decent politician however, when it comes to sport he should just stick to what he knows.

After being caught on cam knocking over a 10-year-old boy during a game of touch rugby, it is clear he needs reminding of the rules. The match, which took place on the streets of Tokyo, was supposed to be a friendly but in true Boris fashion he couldnt suppress his competitive spirit.

Here he is moments before the incident.

brris 1


borris 3


borris 4


borris 2

But this isnt the first time Boris has got over excited on the pitch and caused a scene.

As it turns out, he is a bit of a dirty player and will not let anyone (not even children) get in the way of him winning.

Here he is about to make a foul play for the ball.

borris 6

A tackle which sent this poor little boy flying.

borris 7 real

No one can knock him for effort, but perhaps its about time someone sat the Mayor down and told him that he is utterly awful at playing sports.

Either, that or he should stick to full contact rugby. At least that way his brutal tackles will be acceptable.

However, for now, he is providing us with some priceless entertainment.

As long as we arent on the receiving end of Boris the brutal sportsman, we cant deny that we will look forward to his next blunder on the pitch.

borris 8

Check out the disaster unfold in the video below.