Since Being Adopted, This Pit Bull Can’t Stop Smiling


Lisa Reilly’s pit bull, Kitty, had just passed away when she stumbled upon Meatball (or Meaty) in a shelter. She knew instantly he was “the one”, and took him home — and this happy pup hasn’t stopped smiling since.

Despite their (totally undeserved) reputation for being a little scary, this mutt has the biggest grin and an even bigger heart.

After being in a shelter, no wonder this pup is so happy to be showered with love and affection. He even loves dressing up.


And he REALLY loves playtime.

He loves sleepy snuggles.

In fact, he loves everything. He’s the smiliest pupper we’ve ever seen.

Who could resist that face?!

And he was honored to be involved in Lisa’s wedding (and always ready to pose for a photo).

We wish you all the best with your new family, Meaty!

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