Someone Has Built A Fully Functioning House Made Completely Out Of Lego


Some avid Lego fans have built a fully functioning caravan out of the classic bricks and got themselves a Guinness World Record.

The full size vehicle is 3.6m long and 2.2m tall and is fully equipped with running taps and electrical lights- but unfortunately the Lego hob doesnt work for obvious reasons.

The caravan is also kitted out with Lego versions of all the must have British holiday essentials- including a fridge, a bed, a chess set and even a full English breakfast cooking on the hob.


The toy brick holiday home took 12 weeks to build and is made out of a whopping 215,158 bricks- making it 10 times bigger than the last Lego caravan record holder.

Here is the exterior of the masterpiece next to its inspiration. Take a look inside the caravan: