They Ripped The Teeth Out Of This Slow Loris So That Tourists Could Take Selfies


With the massive popularity of Thailand as a tourist destination, locals have built an illegal photo prop industry to capitalize on foreigners who want pictures with everything that is “uniquely Thai”…; including, unfortunately, animals.

Which is exactly what happened to this slow loris, who was discovered on Thailand’s famous tourist hotspot, Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui.


Just a few days ago, the gentle creature arrived at the WFFT (Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand) Rescue Centre after he had been rescued by Phil of Samui Snake and Wildlife Rescue.

Nicknamed Boris by his heroes, the Bengal slow loris was being passed from stranger to stranger as a photo prop.

And even worse, Boris was severely abused by his handlers: his teeth were clipped so he couldn’t bite the tourists, and to give him a “cuter” appearance.

Aside from that, the poor animal also suffered from a broken wrist and was covered from head to toe in ticks.

Despite their harmless appearance, lorises are the only truly venomous primate. They can deliver toxic bites that can cause severe pain and injury.

What the tourists who pose for pictures with them don’t know is that these animals are taken from the wild, ripped from their mothers as babies, and are in a drug-induced state whenever they’re being “promoted”.

But now, thanks to some caring individuals at the Wildlife Friends Foundation, Boris is being given the medical assistance he needs.

Due to the loss of his teeth, Boris is not a candidate for release back into the wild. Instead, he will stay at the sanctuary, where he will never meet another tourist ever again.