This Grandpa Bought His Granddaughter A Comically Huge Stuffed Animal And We Can Bearly Handle It


San Jose, California resident Sabrina Gonzalez is mom to adorable 5-month-old, Madeline Jane.

Last week, Sabrina’s dad, who works at Costco, posted a photo of himself in front of some ginormous teddy bears. Sabrina jokingly commented on the photo that little Maddie needed one of them.

Sabrina’s dad, now officially one of the greatest grandpas ever, took the comment seriously and, well…;


“Next thing I know, he texted me saying he bought her one. I couldn’t believe it,” Sabrina said.

If you haven’t realized yet just how big this bear is, here’s little Maddie chilling with it for scale.

Sabrina got such a laugh out of the photos that she posted them on Twitter for people to see. It got over 35,000 retweets in a single weekend.

Sabrina said that Madeline simply lights up whenever she’s around the bear.

Just look at how happy she is. She looks like she’s in heaven!

Great job, grandpa!