This Is What ‘The Success Kid’ Looks Like Now

Like with most things on the internet, it only takes a second for a video, article or, in this case, an adorable photo to go viral.

Remember ‘The Success Kid’? Well, it is safe to say that seven years on he is looking all grown up.


At the time this photo was taken little Sammy was just 11 months old, but now at the tender age of eight he is almost unrecognisable.


After dad, Justin Griner, uploaded the adorable snap of his son eating a handful of sand, the internet went wild and turned it into the hilarious meme now known as ‘The Success Kid’.

Since his face sprung into the limelight, he has used his fame for the ultimate good deed and helped his beloved father get the liver transplant he so desperately needed.


Within weeks of starting the GoFundMe page, Justin was on his way to hospital for his life-saving surgery. People are still donating to the page to help him back to health and so far, they have raised a staggering $100,000.


All of this and Sammy hasn’t even reached high school yet! We can’t wait to see what this lovable boy does next.