This Spiderman 3 Scene Without Music Is Seriously Disturbing

Music is an integral part of any movie. It has the ability to bring out a scenes emotion and transform the whole meaning of the film.

This was undoubtedly proven to be true, after someone removed the music from this well known Spiderman 3 scene.

As it turns out, Spiderman definitely isnt sexy!

Originally, this part of the movie was supposed to show Peter Parkers cool, devilish side, that had been brought out of him whilst under the influence of evil.


However, unfortunately, it turns out that the only thing that was remotely cool about this moment in the movie, was the music.

As you will soon discover, the second you take away the melodic tones of James Brown, Parker just looks like a creep.

All of his cringy attempts at douchebag flirting are exposed for what they really are, horrendous, and we cant deny that they make us feel pretty uncomfortable.

Thats not to say that we ever considered this part of the film to be particularly steamy, but with the absence of music, a multitude of sins have been exposed.

We will never be able to look at Toby Maguire in the same way again!

Check out the creepy clip below:

In case you have forgotten what the scene was supposed to look like, here it is: