This UK Lottery Winner Spent His Millions On The Weirdest Thing


We all dream of having that winning ticket for the lottery draw and never having money trouble again.

And whilst for most of us the idea of owning £148 million seems totally unrealistic, for one very lucky man it is very much real!


Adrian Bayford from Suffolk scooped up the winning jackpot from the Euro Millions in 2012 and won the second biggest amount there has even been in Britain.

Whilst you might think that this lucky 41 year-old would be splashing his lottery cash on fancy cars, luxurious mansions or exotic beach holidays, he has gone and bought the weirdest thing with his winnings.

Adrian Bayford, 41, and wife Gillian, 40, from Haverhill, Suffolk, after a press conference at Down Hall Country House Hotel in Hatfield Heath, Hertfordshire, after they won £148.6 million on Friday's EuroMillions jackpot.

It turns out lottery winner Adrian is a HUGE Lady Gaga fan and has bought the biggest collection of Gaga memorabilia going!

Now that he has enough money to do whatever he likes, it seems the secret Lady Gaga lover has spent over £10k on a collection of the singer’s costumes, vinyls and even her very own shoes!

But is he using them for himself?


The rich lottery winner is storing the Gaga collection in his new £6 million plush mansion that he now owns.

He is hoarding away the precious pop star’s items in his grand house ready to add more to the growing collection and sell them all in a new Lady Gaga shop he is opening!

It is said that Adrian wants his new shop to become the biggest collection of Lady Gaga stash in the world, and he wants all her hardcore fans to flock to his Cambridge shop where it will be set up.

The lucky man doesn’t quite like to admit his guilty pleasure for all things Gaga to his friends, but is definitely making the most out of it on his new business venture.

The Cambridge shop will also contain memorabilia from the likes of Madonna, The Beatles and Star Wars.

What do you think to Adrian’s crazy purchases?