Top 10 Most Badass Horror Movie Leading Ladies: Then And Now


Horror movies have definitely changed over the years when it comes to female characters. Before, they were subject to the ‘scream queen’ cliché, often having to be saved from the danger…;

But we are loving that nowadays, female characters have taken control and have become the badass leading ladies that they were always meant to be.


From Scream to The Descent, these courageous female characters didn’t let fear stop them from saving themselves and (some of) their friends – in fact, they embraced it.

So, if you’re wondering exactly which famous horror movie ladies made the cut and what they’re doing with their lives now – check out the most badass female horror movie characters: then and now…;

1. Sarah Carter – The Descent


 Featuring: Shauna Macdonald Where: London, United Kingdom When: 30 Sep 2013 Credit: Lia Toby/

We loved this leading lady, played by Shauna Macdonals, because of her incredible strength. After already having to deal with so much grief over the loss of her family, Sarah takes charge of her friends and defeats the deranged monsters in the caves. Sarah even returned in the sequel to battle them again – AND WON!