Twins Girls Asked For A Hulk Princess Cake And This Is What They Got


Children can be quite demanding at times especially when it comes to their birthdays.

But when these 4-year-old twins asked for a Princess Hulk cake for their upcoming celebrations you would think their parents would just say no…but they didnt.

As this kind of cake is not likely to be found in the Sainsburys bakery aisle, the dedicated mum and dad set about making this GBBO Showstopper worthy cake for their little darlings.


The Marvel/Disney Princess masterpiece, featuring a Hulk action figure wearing a swirly, pink ball gown, was posted on to Reddit a few days ago with the headline: My 4-year old twin girls wanted a Hulk Princess cake for their birthday. So I made one!

Well done mum and dad, well done.

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How? Just how do you get a bag of M&Ms to float.

Ice Cream Cake


Uh-oh I dropped an ice-cream on my cake.