WATCH: Family of Victims Rip Media Over Concern for Executed Arizona Murderer (EPIC Video)




by Gina Cassini | Top Right News


Remember the real victims!

Thats what the family of the victims of executed Arizona murderer Joseph Rudolph Wood told the media that has spent that last 24 hours whining about how long Wood took to die.

Wood was administered a controversial drug mix, and took 1 hour and 50 minutes to snore himself to death yesterday, after his lawyers exhausted last minute appeals the end of a 25-year nightmare for the family of his victims.

The national media has spent every minute since blasting the delay, and showing compassion for the wrong person: the double-murderer Wood.

In the video below we see Fox 10 Phoenix reporter Troy Hayden, who witnessed the execution, describe it as very disturbing to watch, and very hard for everyone who saw Wood gasping for air for nearly two hours.

But the daughter and sister of the two victims Jeanne Brown would have none of it, saying (at 0:53 below) that Wood was sleeping and snoring until the drugs eventually killed him.


You dont know what excruciating is, Brown told the media after Wood was pronounced dead. Excruciating is seeing your dad lying there in a pool of blood, seeing your sister lying there in a pool of blood. Thats excruciating. This man deserved it.

And when her husband Richard a witness to the 1989 murders spoke (at 2:11 above), he castigated the media for its obsession over Woods well-being and for ignoring the true victims and the injustice of a capital punishment system that lets murderers live far too long before justice is done:

Nobody sees the real picture of what took place in the last 25 years, she said. Everyone is more worried about: Did he suffer? Who really suffered is my dad and my sister, when they [were] killed.

My heart goes out to Jeanne and Richard, who had to endure the true cruel and unusual punishment by seeing this insect live for 25 years after his horrific crime. (And I think Troy Hayden has some splainin to do).

P.S. You can view the full press conference video here