Watch The Terrifying Moment A Skydiver Gets Trousers Caught On A Plane


An experienced skydiver had the fright of his life recently after a jump from a plane went horrifically incorrect.

Fernando Gava from Peru has actually leapt from airplanes hundreds of times nevertheless his last effort left him stuck on the airplanes actions and hanging for half an hour.

His painful experience was recorded by his buddy, Maurice Mathey, who later published the 2 minute clip on to Vimeo.


Watch it here:

Mathey explained that his friend in the video normally works with computers however is an experience sky diver than works as a bold trainer on the weekends.

However this time was different as when Gava jumped, his trouser leg became connected to the airplanes actions leaving him hanging upside down for around Thirty Minutes.

Gava was ultimately able to cut himself free with a knife which most instructors bring just in case of emergency situations like this one.

Mathey said: It was very fortunate that the aircraft had actually just filled the tanks with fuel before removing so that he had sufficient time to cut his jumpsuit away,

Gava was then able to release his parachute and land safely and luckily just coming away from the event with a cut hand from the knife.