What This Company Can Do To Your Face Is Actually Pretty Freaky


When you think about it, dimples are really just odd folds in the skin on your face, but for some reason, we”ve agreed as a species that this skin fold is super desirable and sexy.

Irrationality aside, a surgeon in the U.K., Dr. Shailesh Vadodaria, is giving everyone”s face the chance to scrunch adorably by offering a procedure for permanent dimples that takes just 20 minutes. It”s kind of creepy how different people look with just two small indentations in their cheeks.


Here”s a really awkward testimonial to Dr. Vadodaria”s work.

(via YouTube)

My favorite part about these pictures is that they”re never smiling in the before photos. Are we to believe that before these people became dimpled, they physically couldn”t smile? Probably not. But if you”ve always wanted someone to compliment a skin cavity in your cheek, give Dr. Vadodaria a call.

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