Why We Should Ignore Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIn Blog Post on Small Business


Why We Should Ignore Hillary Clinton's LinkedIn Post on Small Business


Former United States Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is taking a page out of President Obama’s election playbook: she’s utilizing social media to the max.

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Hillary Clinton Outlines Solutions

Clinton recently launched a LinkedIn profile and soon after published a blog post entitled “Four Ways to Jump-Start Small Business.” The piece attempts to sympathize with small businesses across the country and bring forward solutions, but here’s the problem with this: she hasn’t worked in the private sector since the 1970s.

At the beginning of the article, Clinton, who will likely win the White House next year, wrote about how her family started off as small business owners. After portraying herself as someone who comes from a middle-class background, Clinton opined that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses in today’s economic landscape and bureaucratic red tape.

Despite generations of progress on so many other fronts, it’s still too hard to get a business started today,” Clinton stated. Hard work is no longer enough to guarantee opportunity. Credit is too tough to come by. Too many regulatory and licensing requirements are uneven and uncertain.”

What does Clinton plan to do if she becomes president in 2016? Here are her four solutions:

  • Cut the immense red tape
  • Expand access to capital
  • Provide tax relief and simplification
  • Grow access to foreign markets

Can We Believe Her?

This sounds absolutely delightful. Finally, a politician who will help the little guy!

Unfortunately, this type of thing has been uttered by politicians every single election cycle since the industrial revolution. Whether they’re Republican or Democrat, there has always been a candidate and incumbent that has attempted to garner the small business vote by acting sympathetic and depicting themselves as someone who has all the answers to make small business prosper and compete with the corporations (the same group that donates tens of thousands of dollars to those same candidates).

Of course, a lot of people have vented the same level of frustration in the comments section of her op-ed. Here are just some of the remarks being posted:

Let me completely candid. If I were starting my own business; the absolute last person I would ask for advice is a government employee. Do the words ’20 trillion dollars in debt’ ring any bells about their ability to conduct a business?”

Her power hungry, ruthless, pathologically serial lying, scandal ridden, Alinsky adoring, cattle futures expert royal highness is apparently trying to pull the wool over the uninformed masses.”

“Wouldn’t this be great if this were a topic you knew ANYTHING about, Hillary? Well, maybe you do if the small business is a law firm…. can you show the lawyers in the room how to hide billing records? Or, maybe for the investors… any tips on trading cattle futures?”

Prior to her publishing of this piece, some websites did a couple of background checks on her record for small businesses. Ostensibly, during her last run for president in 2008, small business was non-existent in her campaign platform either during the presidential debates or on her website.

Hilary Clinton is a Champion of Big Corporations

Also, she has hardly had any sort of relationship with small businesses. It’s quite the opposite. One of the reasons why Clinton is vehemently chastized by opponents is because she claims to be “champion of the middle class” but her entire public and private life has been engulfed with corporations and vested interests.

For instance, some of her biggest campaign contributors have been Citigroup ($782,000), Goldman Sachs ($712,000), JPMorgan & Chase ($621,000), Morgan Stanley ($543,000) and Lehman Brothers ($363,000). When she was Secretary of State, she urged foreign governments to do business with corporations like General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft and Boeing. Moreover, during her time in Washington, she established 15 public-private partnerships, which included 25 large companies.

There are just too many examples to cite.

Despite Clinton already being anointed in the Oval Office, it can be really hard for the average voter to take her seriously when she talks of small businesses and the middle class. As one parody video noted, she hasn’t done her own laundry since 1976!

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The big problem for a lot of politicians, whether they’re left-wing or right-wing, is that when they start talking about the private sector, small businesses and middle class, how can they identify with the populace? U.S. politicians, for the most part, are usually centralized in the capital and come from affluent backgrounds that haven’t worked in the private sector.

How can someone like Clinton empathize with a small business owner in Memphis, Tennessee or Anaheim, California?

What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIn Post? Let us know in the comment section…