You Can Now Delete Messages Before The Recipient Reads Them


That’s right, ladies and gents, your worst fears of sending a text to the wrong person is over.

A new app called Privates allows users to delete messages right up until the moment the recipient reads them.


privates 1

This could save us so much heartache and if this app takes off, we could be saying goodbye to text mishaps, risky nudes and drunk messages to our exes altogether.

The app was created by Dr Isaac Datikashvili who had medical record history in mind when he came up with the idea, but it soon spiralled into something that could change the technology world entirely.

Dr Datikashvili spoke to Metro Uk about the use of his app:

‘It’s better than anything else at maintaining privacy.

It’s not impossible but it’s virtually impossible for one person to screen grab or save anything if the security setting is high.’

The app has three security settings: Mild, Wild and Insane – these delete the messages, as long as they’re unread, after 24, 12 or 3 hours.

At the moment, the app is only available for Apple IOS users but Windows and Android versions are expected to be completed soon, so get ready for a completely safe texting world!