You Won’t Believe Some Of The Bizarre Things Doctors Found In People’s Bodies


Have you ever had a stomach ache that felt like there was an anvil in your stomach? Or a knife? Or a demon? More than likely, a stomach ache is the result of a virus or eating some bad pizza, but then again, weird stuff happens. For whatever reason, over the years doctors have found some truly bizarre and ungodly things in people”s stomachs. Here are a few of the most horrifying.

1. Bikes And Planes And Things.

Bikes And Planes And Things.


Michel Lotito, also probably most famoulsy known as “Monsieur Mangetout” which means “Mister Eat-it-all” in French. He was eating bicycle, planes, television and other uneatables for the entertainment of French TV from 1966 up until his death in 2007. His secret was eating just a kilogram of material a day, washing it down with tons of water. It also helps that for some reason his stomach lining is twice the thickness of a normal human.

2. A 10-Pound Ball Of Hair.

A 10-Pound Ball Of Hair.

In 2007 an 18 year old woman went to the hospital suffering from extreme stomach pains and had lost over 40 pounds in the last 5 months. Doctors used an internal camera to find that a 10-pound hairball was lodged in the stomach, basically taking up the entire organ. Turns out the woman had a case of trichophagia, a psychological habit in which people are compelled to eat their own hair. After surgery she started regaining weight and went into therapy for the disorder.

3. Cocaine. Bags Of Cocaine.

Cocaine. Bags Of Cocaine.

One drug mule attempted to smuggle 67 bags of cocaine out of London by swallowing them and forcibly holding them in his stomach. His only defense to authorities was “I didn”t know they were drugs”. Who eats 67 bags of enough besides cocaine? I must ask.

4. Live Frogs And Other Critters.

Live Frogs And Other Critters.

An old Chinese man, Yang Dingcai, says the best way to cure stomach aches is to eat live frogs. There doesn”t seem to be any scientific evidence to prove this works, but apparently it does as many people have sought his method in rural China. He has since expanded his diet plan to baby rats and mice.

5. Keys.


In 2008 one drunk college student swallowed his dorm key to protest his friends taking home after they felt he had drank too much. He went to Yale by the way.

6. Bed Springs And Batteries.

Bed Springs And Batteries.

Prisoners have been known to swallow random things in their cells such as bedsprings and batteries because they know to be treated they will have to be sent to a hospital outside of the facility.

7. Magnetic Toy Block.

Magnetic Toy Block.

A kid once swallowed a magnetic toy block. The pieces reconnected as when they fell into the boys stomach.

8. Cobblestones.


In 2006 in Foshan, China, a woman swallowed 20 cobblestones because she was angry at her boyfriend. Who knows what the argument was that forced her to do this, but apparently she thought the rocks would be digested and easily leave her system. They were not. She could feel the stones constantly hitting against the lining of her stomach and eventually had to undergo surgery.

All of this is pretty bad, but honestly I think I”d rather have a ball of hair in my stomach then that clearly undercooked McRib sandwich I ate a couple years ago. Why oh why did I eat that?